Ave Governor Lee !

The Governor is with us. Our enemy can never understand that our names don't just represent an individual or a group, but a kind of spirit and faith.

Active leadership and alliance meeting.

Monthly exciting events, meetings and more. To answer any questions from members and listen their feedback and suggestions.

Hsec Military Power.

30-40 Mining fleets per week, 20+ moons of Hsec and have R64 in Nullsec. Infinite free procurer provided !


We have spies in almost all alliances, our Intel officers can always provide best contents and give us advantage in many wars.

Hsec Military Power.

Can rally 450-600 men to defend our home, or crush any Hsec opponents. Have 17 dedicated fleet commanders at your service.

Special Medal System

We do never forget members contributions to the collective. We have an unique medal system, to award your participation and efforts.

Awesome Nullsec .

Infinite free Ishtar hull provided, even if you lost your PvE ship to mobs, we can always prepare another one for you, for free.